Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

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7-applications-os-NLP_2Seven Applications of NLP: The First European Conference of the Society of NLP

This is a unique opportunity to explore the development of NLP in line with Richard Bandler's vision for the future and discover the way a range of experts are applying NLP to their chosen field. The range of workshops and training programmes provides an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the best in the field of NLP.

1st - 4 th November 2012


Thursday 1st November to Sunday 4th November 2012 (4 days and 3 evenings) in The Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

All in all this is a 4 days and 3 evenings event packed with information, training and exciting opportunities.

The programme Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

  1. Beginning with the Master himself Dr Richard Bandler, spend 4 half day sessions diving deeper into RichardBandler_3Hypnosis as an Application of NLP.
  2. Moving to the World's leading trainer in persuasion and sales, John LaValle, spend 4 half day sessions learning the art and science of precision persuasion in sales and marketing.

Choose between some of these exciting workshops with Society of NLP Master Trainers:

  • Garner Thomson The founder of the Society of Medical NLP, explores the application of NLP to the medical field. Perfect for health workers, doctors, nurses and carers.
  • Dr Edie Perry, the creators of Patterns of Physical Transformation, join us so you can learn to apply NLP to bodywork. Ideal for healers masseurs and body workers etc.
  • Kate Benson, the Director of Education for the Society, shows you how to apply NLP to teaching and learning. Useful for teachers, parents and lifelong learners alike.
  • Anders Piper and Alessandro Mora explore the application of NLP to Sports and sports coaching for individuals and teams.
  • Alessio Roberti shares his unique coaching model. With so many NLPers offering coaching its guaranteed to be a popular choice.
  • Owen Fitzpatrich gives you his special take on the application of NLP to public speaking and presentations. Valuable skills in all walks of life.

And there is even more...

  • Evening sessions tailored to your level of expertise in NLP.
  • A Practitioner evening open to all.
  • A Master Practitioner Evening to dive further into Mastery skills of NLP.

Tickets available NOW with maximum discount

Tickets are priced according to the following date tiers (All prices are in Euros and include VAT).

After 30th September the ticket price will be €1.595,-.

Buy your ticket before 30th September and receive the maximum discount.

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