Programma van Bandler Amsterdam

Programm of Bandler Amsterdam

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Richard Bandler teaches on many different levels at the same time and is a must see for both someone who is completely new to NLP and hypnosis and someone who has more experience in NLP.

For the evening and afternoon sessions there will always be a at least one session for someone who is completely new to the field of NLP as well as sessions for the more experienced person. Tickets now available at Op Koers

The programme for 1-4 November 2012:

Schedule 2012 NLP Congres met Richard Bandler

Choose between some of these exciting workshops with Society of NLP Master Trainers

2012 programma master trainers

  • Garner Thomson The founder of the Society of Medical NLP, explores the application of NLP to the medical field. Perfect for health workers, doctors, nurses and carers.
  • Dr Edie Perry, the creator of Patterns of Physical Transformation, join us so you can learn to apply NLP to bodywork. Ideal for healers, masseurs and body workers etc.
  • Kate Benson, the Director of Education for the Society, shows you how to apply NLP to teaching and learning. Useful for teachers, parents and lifelong learners alike.
  • Anders Piper and Alessandro Mora explore the application of NLP to Sports and sports coaching for individuals and teams.
  • Alessio Roberti shares his unique coaching model. With so many NLPers offering coaching its guaranteed to be a popular choice.
  • Owen Fitzpatrick gives you his special take on the application of NLP to public speaking and presentations. Valuable skills in all walks of life.

And there is even more….Evening sessions tailored to your level of expertise in NLP.

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There is so much going on you can’t afford to miss this one!

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