NLP in 1 Day

NLP in 1 Day, Introduction to NLP

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NLP in 1 Dag, een introductie in NLP bij Op Koers

NLP in 1 Day is an introduction workshop where you discover the different aspects and diversity of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Lots of new revelations, practical tools and techniques in only 1 inspirational day. Discover it and experience it!

- NLP is a powerful method; watch out that you do not become too convincing! -


What will you learn?

  1. What is NLP
    * How people experience the world.
    * Understanding the NLP communication model.
    * The role of our representational system

  2. This is how you communicate
    * How to gain rapport with anyone

  3. Realising your goals
    * How to get results easier
    * 5 steps to achieve your goals

  4. Persuasion & Motivation
    * Using language patterns
    * Recognising strategies

  5. Coaching & influencing
    * Mastering your state
    * Exploring beliefs

Results in 1 Day NLP

At the end of the day you will leave with more energy and skills you can use in your daily life.

  1. You communicate better and reach your goals easier.
  2. You are more flexible in your communication.
  3. You have new techniques for coaching and motivating others.
  4. You can communicate to influence any situation.

Op Koers NLP Opleidingen makes it easy and practical for you.

Do you want to discover your full potential? Take this amazing opportunity and find out how valuable it is for you to attend NLP in 1 Day.

Whether you are a coach, a manager or you just want to be more persuasive and confident in your everyday life it’s all possible even with some basic NLP techniques.

Practical information NLP in 1 day

Dates & RegisterCost
Date: Location:
* Saturday 1st July 2017 Amsterdam - English Registration closed
* Tuesday 1st August 2017 Amsterdam - English  Register
Only 18 students max per workshop.  The workshop starts at a minimum of 10 participants . Register now and go home at the end of the course with more choice in how you communicate and how you achieve your results. If you signed up with a discount, you will not receive proof of participation. Should you wish a certificate of participation, the costs are € 50, -.
Program During the NLP in one Day, we introduce you to the simplicity and power of NLP. We teach you to apply some techniques straight away. You are introduced to a few different elements of NLP and go deeper into what is NLP, Communication, achieving goals, Persuading and Coaching. You get to work with techniques used by many coaches and managers.
Investment €243,80 excl. vat (€ 295,00 incl. vat). A hand-out, lunch, coffee, tea and water are included in the price. Time We start 10:00 – 17:00 uur. The training location will open at 9:30. Be on time for your registration and a cup of coffee.


Learn what others think of this course

An educational day where you will be introduced in a fun, interactive way with NLP. The technical facilities were excellent and the enthusiasm of the coach is that if I would follow a full NLP training, I certainly would do it here!

Grade: 10
José van Rutten, Sept. 7. 2012

Thanks for the interesting and fun course day today. I am triggered to find out more about NLP. That's why I'm going to talk with my supervisor to see if I can attend the practioner training with you. Hope to see you.

Linda Bergs, Sept. 15. 2012

Mariette Haasbroek, Sep 07, 9:44am via Twitter
@PatriciaSchook thanx was leerzame dag en alles zeer goed verzorgd! Top