Richard Bandler in Nederland 1, 2 en 3 mei 2015

State control as an application of NLP

NLP & Hypnose in Nederland – Multilevel Communication Event

Amsterdam Hilton Hotel
Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May 2015

Join the Father and Co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler as he guides you on this 3 day journey of discovery.

The simple truth

What is the link between NLP and hypnosis? Dr Bandler reveals the simple truth. People are not merely in or out of trance but are moving from one state of consciousness to another. This seminar enables you to learn from the Master how to harness the power of the unconscious mind for effortless and lasting change.

Richard Bandler, grondlegger van NLP

Richard Bandler

Over 40 years of NLP experience and experimentation is distilled to enable you to create the most useful, deepest and quickest states to banish unpleasant feelings and create greater happiness. Whatever your profession or expertise, this course enable you to focus your consciousness like a laser to achieve the results you want in your life.

Control your state

Learn to control your state of consciousness, whether you call this hypnosis, meditation, an altered state, or concentration, and take charge of your brain. Systematically master the skills of hypnosis as tools for easy learning and change. Experience effective and rapid hypnotic inductions. Utilise the tools of hypnosis and Milton language to create lasting and effortless change in yourself and others to:

  • Change personal history
  • Get over problem
  • Move through difficulties
  • Get to action

Advanced subjects

In three days Dr. Richard Bandler and his co-trainer John la Valle will take you through the hypnosis as an application of NLP, as only they can teach you. The advanced subjects they will cover

  • Drug of Choice
  • Time Distortion
  • Deep Trance Identification

(NB course content is of course dependent on the makeup of the group and the time available)

Powerful use of multilevel communication

This training will mainly focus on demonstrating and installing these wonderful strategies through hypnosis. Dr. Richard Bandler and John la Valle make powerful use of multilevel communications so that both someone with no or little experience in hypnosis and/or NLP learns a great deal, and someone who is experienced in these fields and want to learn more advanced processes to become better at these hypnotic procedures gains new insights and skills.

Learn from the master

This programme is especially for all those people in Europe truly interested in learning hypnosis from the masters. You may have wanted to train with him before and now you have an unprecedented opportunity on your doorstep in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

You may be new to hypnosis or unaware of how important hypnosis is in NLP when working with clients or wish to deepen your hypnotic skills after your initial training in hypnosis. Either way this course is for you. Richard Bandler only teaches in the Netherlands occasionally so don’t miss this rare opportunity to debunk the myths of hypnosis and learn how easy and effectively you can make the changes to get the life you want.

An event training manual will be available.NLP Practitioner opleiding met Society of NLP erkenning

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